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Comprehensive Oil Well Surveys

Gain all the necessary information to drill your gas or oil well with Pennell & Marlowe Land Surveyors, Inc. of Midland, Texas. Our specialists survey your desired locations to ensure your site is prepared for drilling.

Stake Well Locations

This service is ideal for oil and gas companies that want well locations to be staked. You supply foot calls from the section lines or coordinates, and we locate that point on the ground. Our professionals then provide a Texas Railroad Commission permit plat to allow your company to drill.

Stake Pipelines

Oil and gas companies are required to obtain a right-of-way from the landowner in order to install a pipe line. Once you receive the plat and the landowner signs the paper, you are able to file it with the courthouse and then begin work.

Oil Well - Oil Well Survey

Stake Right-of-Way

Our surveyors stake your right-of-way and supply plats for submission to land owners and or courthouses. Therefore, we offer stake right-of-way services for roads, power lines, pipelines, and centerline descriptions.

Contact us to begin any of the type of surveys listed above.