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Detailed Boundary & Topographic Surveys

Whether you are purchasing land or building a new drilling site, ensure you know the boundary line of your property with Pennell & Marlowe Land Surveyors, Inc. of Midland, Texas. Our professionals offer complete topographic surveys to ensure you have the information needed for construction.

Boundary Surveys

This service is required for both private and commercial customers who are selling or purchasing land to look for property corners to find the boundaries. Our specialists come to your location and survey the desired parcel of land, and then supply a plat for proper filing.

Topographic Maps

Topographic surveys are ideal for public or commercial clients who wish to perform new construction on the site. Our technicians analyze where the ground rises and falls, as well as the contour to of the land. This way, you are able to determine the materials and services needed to build a level structure.

Survey - Boundary Survey
Contact us to schedule a boundary and topographic survey to ensure you understand every facet of your property prior to construction.